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Access more than 10,500 construction costs across six different regions with QV CostBuilder — Aotearoa-New Zealand’s most comprehensive construction cost database. Giving you more time to get the job done.

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About QV CostBuilder

Take the guesswork out of pricing your construction project with QV CostBuilder’s comprehensive subscription-based building cost platform. Whether you’re completing a new build, renovating, replacing, or seeking a better understanding of the build-up cost of elements, you’ll find it all here.

Our wide-ranging database of constructions costs includes thorough data for Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, with regional indices, worked examples, relevant legislation, cost-planning procedures, and lots more.


Whether you’re completing a new build, looking at the cost of replacement or needing to understand the build-up of cost elements, QV CostBuilder provides:

Building Costs per Square Metre

An average cost range for a wide selection of both residential and commercial buildings.

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Elemental Costs of Buildings

Including more than 16,000 elements to complement the building types within the ‘Building costs per square metre’ section.

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Cost Planning Rates

The total unit costs of the materials, systems, and treatments of a wide range of building elements, including labour.

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Detailed Rates

Comparative labour and material costs across the main centres, with more than 8,000 individually costed items.

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How It Works

Simply sign up for a 12-month subscription today and you will gain access to a wealth of regularly updated data that covers everything from the building costs per square metre for a bank, school, church or office building, to the approximate cost per sheet of GIB and more than 10,500 items, plus labour rates and hours, plant constants, and even more than we can list here. CostBuilder rates are assembled by our in-house Quantity Surveyor team with each rate library updated regularly.

Pricing Plans

Subscriptions starts from just $299 with unlimited access for 12 months. CostBuilder's flexible pricing plans are designed to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. Free rate library updates and product upgrades, with free local support and helpline available to each user throughout your subscription period.

Create Your Own Pick List

With CostBuilder's Pick List feature, you can select the rates you use most often to save you searching through 10,500+ rates each time.

Start Your Free Demo Today

CostBuilder's rate libraries are easy to search, with the indexing designed by industry professionals. Start a 14 day free demo to view the list of rates available in CostBuilder’s comprehensive database of building and elemental costs, cost planning rates and detailed individual line items. Simply create an account and you'll gain access in minutes.