Do the rates include GST?

No, the construction/building rates in CostBuilder do not include GST.

Where are the material prices for the rates obtained from?

These are obtained from more than 70 different trade suppliers. Some of the suppliers details are included within the website, but others have asked for their names to remain confidential.

Should I add GST to these rates?

If you are the ‘end user’ in GST terms, usually a home owner, then YES, you should add GST to these rates, as you will be charged GST by the builder.

What does the number in the Hrs (hours) column mean?

This indicates the ‘labour constant’ used in the rate build-up, and shows how long an item of work can take to perform, in average circumstances.  For example, Ground Floor Joist, 150mm x 40mm, 0.13 hours per metre.  In the rate build-up, the ‘labour constant’ is multiplied by the hourly labour rate to give a cost.  So using the same example, 0.13 hrs x $45 per hour = $5.85.

How is a typical rate put together?

As many rates as possible are built up 'from first principles'.  This involves:

  • a material cost per unit of measure
  • conversion (if necessary) to the unit of measure, from sheet, bag, box, etc
  • deducting an average trade discount
  • adding an allowance for waste – varies depending on situation
  • fixings – screws, nails, glue, etc
  • labour to install, based on time multiplied by cost
  • contractors’ margin