CostX Integration

With CostBuilder costs now available in RIB CostX, everything a Quantity Surveyor needs to cost a project is now in one place.

QV CostBuilder has entered into a partnership with RIB Software that will allow CostX users to access QV CostBuilder’s vast library of regularly updated construction costs.

CostBuilder data is now able to be uploaded directly into CostX for application into cost plans and to automate future price updates. That means NZ-based RIB CostX users can licence these digital CostBuilder libraries directly from RIB via a subscription agreement. This integration is a game changer for leading Quantity Surveyor's across New Zealand, with many already using CostX.

Together, this will enable CostBuilder users to achieve even greater accuracy, efficiency, and profitability in your construction projects and project estimates. More than 60,000 construction costs across six different regions of NZ are supported by CostBuilder, and the CostX compatible data includes building costs per square metre, cost planning rates and detailed rates.

If you're not yet a CostBuilder subscriber, click here to view CostBuilder Pricing.

Existing CostBuilder subscribers can click here for simple steps to access our rate databases within CostX.

“Whether you’re working on a new build, fit-out or refurbishment, you can price, analyse or amend your estimates with QV CostBuilder’s wealth of regularly updated building costs. Our data library will give CostX users an even richer, more comprehensive user experience, saving time when price pressure is front of mind.” QV CostBuilder quantity surveyor (FNZIQS, Reg. Quantity Surveyor) Martin Bisset.

CostBuilder CostX integration

Key features

Seamless integration between the two platforms

Whether you’re using CostBuilder directly or the CostBuilder rate libraries within CostX, you can be sure that you’ll have access to the same 60,000+ costs included in our rate libraries. Once you’re signed up to both CostBuilder and CostX, you’ll be able to simply access and load in the most recent CostBuilder rate library file within CostX. CostX is a leading software used by Quantity Surveyors across New Zealand to create project estimates using a combination of BIM files and rate libraries.

Comprehensive regional rates when you need them

CostBuilder rate libraries include thousands of specific rates for 6 New Zealand regions – Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton and Palmerston North. Now, if you are working on an estimate within CostX and need regional costs, you can easily drag and drop region level rates directly into your estimate.

Easier and quicker to cost your projects

CostBuilder construction rate libraries are live linked within CostX Quantity Surveyor software. This means that when a new CostBuilder rate library is released within CostX, you can make a single change in your construction project estimate to use the updated rates throughout, helping Quantity Surveyors cost your projects more easily.

Accessing the integration

To use this integration, your organisation needs a current CostBuilder subscription and a CostX account.

We’ve added a quick set up guide to our FAQ section with step by step instructions.