How to use QV CostBuilder

New Zealand's most comprehensive construction costing software is also one of the easiest to use. QV CostBuilder features an intuitive navigation structure and several ways to search for construction rates, pricing tools and knowledge base information.

QV CostBuilder is cloud-based software that can be accessed any time on any desktop, laptop or tablet with an internet connection. Whether you are a Quantity Surveyor, Residential Builder or a Project Manager in a Tier One Construction company, CostBuilder can remove a lot of the unknowns from your Project Estimates. Subscribers can instantly access a wealth of vetted New Zealand data that covers everything from the building costs per square metre for a range of different buildings, to the indicative costs of more than 10,500 other items, plus labour rates and hours, plant constants, and much more. Here are three key features that will help you get the most out of QV CostBuilder from your first login.

Intuitive Navigation

  • QV CostBuilder is so easy to navigate that all team members regardless of technology skills are able to use it effortlessly.
  • The horizontal navigation bar shows a list of Rate Section with a naming structure that will be familiar to anyone in the New Zealand construction industry.
  • Quick access to Rate Sections, Pricing Tools and the Knowledge Base using the top navigation bar, enabling you to effortlessly move between sections.

Multiple Item Pick List

  • The Pick List feature enables you to create customised lists of rates that you need for your next project.
  • Search for items by keyword, then add the rates to your Pick List and simply repeat until you have all the rates you want to review.
  • Choose to filter the rates by one of six regions, or show all regions for large projects running across New Zealand.

Compare Item Rates by New Zealand Regions

  • From Earthworks filling costs to Commercial kitchen fitouts, QV CostBuilder has 10,500 individual rates to cover almost every construction project scenario. More rates are added with every update.
  • Find the construction item rate from the Main Navigation bar, Search bar or Pick List search.
  • Each individual item is shown with regional rates for Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin and Palmerston North, making comparisons by region easy.


Local Support and Affordable Plans

QV CostBuilder is New Zealand's most comprehensive and trusted provider of construction rates. As a QV brand, we provide the reassurance of a state-owned enterprise and are proud to have partnered with leading construction industry organisations like NZIQS and PINZ.

On-boarding and setup support is included with every subscription. Training can be accessed from the Knowledge Base or directly from our local customer support experts.

Sign up for a 12-month subscription today. Membership starts from as low as $299 for an annual subscription, with pricing plans to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes.